Managed Security Services

What we provide

Ensuring that your security controls are always kept up to date and that when an event occurs, regardless of how significant it appears, it is responded to appropriately is critical to Cyber security.

Our Managed Security Service provides peace of mind that the threat surface is kept to a minimum along with the ability to proactively monitor and intervene where demand requires, leaving you to concentrate on your business.

The Threats

  • Increase in successful attacks that have the ability penetrate an entire network
  • Inability to access systems resulting in a loss of productivity
  • Reputational damage from loss or leakage of confidential information and customer data
  • High cost of managing a breach e.g. business disruption, days spent responding to an incident, loss of business, regulatory fines and loss of assets
  • Loss of intellectual property
  • Breaking data protection laws or regulations
  • Not all staff are aware of security risks online

The Business Challenge

  • Simplification of perimeter security
  • Reduce costs and overheads
  • Employees now expect to connect with their own unsecure devices
  • Businesses must defend against increasingly frequent and sophisticated threats such as targeted malware and customer data theft
  • For SMEs there is often reduced resilience to a cyber-security breach and therefore the potential risk and cost of business disruption is higher