About Us

As the Network Security Partner of choice, we are dedicated to keeping you safe and connected at all times.

Who are we?

At SecureArm we are a security focused network solution provider, dedicated to developing solutions and services that secure and connect the increasingly complex digital landscape.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide a secure and connected digital society for everyone.

We believe that security and connectivity are essential for the development of people, communities, organisations and nations. Security and connectivity are essential for empowering the most innovative minds. We believe people are the defining factor of success in both security and connectivity. A human-centric and sustainable approach to technology is therefore essential.

How we work

In a world overrun with hype, our team offers a no-nonsense approach and practical advice. Our services, methods and communication are clear and agile. We deliver our best work by fusing extensive experience with analytical thinking and creative strength.

At SecureArm we only employ the highest calibre of staff and associates and we concentrate on building client relationships because our experience has proved that if you treat customers properly they will stick with you. This approach has allowed us to build solid partnerships and ensure each one of customer’s business’ thrives.

All members of the SecureArm team, both staff and associates staff and associates hold security clearance which provides our clients with assurance that they’re dealing with the right kind of people.

Who we work with

At SecureArm our work takes us across most sectors but typically we see the majority of our work coming from the manufacturing, finance, HMG/MoD and the professional services sectors.

Proud to be part of the Juberi Group

Juberi is an initiative that unites three distinct companies together. With One vision and one goal – to raise the standard of design, delivery and regulation for building management environments.